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Dear Renegade Millionaire,

I’ve got something really important that you need to hear.  And listen, I know you think you’ve heard this before but I promise…you haven’t.

It’s about actually being productive… You know doing things that will actually make you money, grow your business not the time-sucking, mindless activities that 99% of the population calls ‘being productive’.

I bet you have fallen into that trap.  The one that says you have to do a lot of things each day in order to call it a productive day?


I Used to Work 60-80 Hours a Week…

I used to work 60-80 hours a week doing the thing.  Now, I spend 5% of my time doing it.  Not only am I making more money—I doubled my sales within the last 2 years and I’ve also received local and national recognition for being the best maker of the thing in the country—2 years running.

 I’ve become somewhat of a celebrity in my home city and in my industry in Canada and even in US industry magazines—which, by the way, is rare for US industry magazines to care about anything in Canada. -- Diana Coutu 

Well if you really believe that, you are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars behind.

Look around.  When you unlock your iPhone…. The date, calendar, and to-do lists are all defaulted to the front page.  Your watch not only tells the time, it tells the day of the week and the date.  You probably keep a day-timer type of calendar.  Your email has a calendar function.

Heck, we even have interactive guides to show us what to watch on TV!

“Time management” is the new thing.  We’re flooded with so much to do, so many choices about how to spend out time, that we need several “tools” to help us decide what comes next.  Society is telling you that you need to plan every minute of your day in order to survive, let alone succeed

You CAN Start Being More Productive
and Profitable Immediately!

Imagine: No more 60+ hour work weeks, no time-vampires sucking up your priceless time, getting paid what you are really worth

That’s right you can give yourself an instant raise.

All you have to do is truly understand the secrets to Extreme Productivity

And that is where I can help.  See, I’ve got entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world right now who are following these previously untold secrets to extreme productivity and are reaping in the rewards.

How, well it’s easy… but you need to pay attention here

Because I am going to show you how you can create an EXTREME PRODUCTIVITY ZONE in your business!

Discover Just How Easy It Is To Turn Your Life Around and
Have More Time and More Money Than Ever Before!

If you are tired of trying every ‘time management’ trick in the book, tired of hiring assistants to take care of the little things, tired of waiting to get the next thing done then you need to keep reading.  You’ve just stumbled upon the easiest solution to getting more done TODAY!

Here's what 99% of the population doesn't know and what YOU are about to discover!

>>> Exactly Why 'Time Management' tools only suck more time.  You'll be amazed at the answer and how easy it is to fix!

>>> The 5 dumbest mistakes smart business owners make in prioritizing their day and how much it is costing them

>>> How to use what's right under your nose to create a business that allows you live the life you've always imagined

>>> Why what you have been taught is the "right way" is not only the "wrong way" but is draining your business and your life of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of income!!!

Once you discover my blueprint to extreme productivity then you will be on your way to a life of getting more done in less time, a life of less headaches, a life of more meaningful time with family and loved ones.

Look, don’t keep struggling… you don’t have to.  YOU can be the renegade millionaire who is extremely productive!

I’m literally giving you the blueprint to making more money, retiring early, upgrading your lifestyle and kicking up your profits year after year.

So Stop Waiting for Time and Success to Come To You…
Here’s Your Chance to Take It Back…Fast and Easy!

Extremeproductivity-PS-Web (3).png

Look, you need every weapon in your arsenal to be as sharp as ever.  You CAN’T continue the grind of 60+ hour work weeks.  The more you try to manage you time the longer you seem to be working.

My Extreme Productivity Blueprint itself is worth at least 5 time, 7 times, even 10 times more than the $197 that I am asking you to invest in your future.

If you want to get more done in 2 hours than your competitors do all day, this is the blueprint for you!  You will get all of my secrets with your manual and DVD/CD.

Most people will spend on lunch this month (and probably loose valuable time in the process!)

No tricks, no gimmicks, no further purchases required. 

This is the number 1 secret to my success….
The Extreme Productivity Blueprint

See what my private clients pay big bucks to find out and how I get more done in less time!

This blueprint literally pays for itself (over and over again)… after all – how much is your time worth to you?  $35…$50…. $100…. $250 … what would saving hours a day mean to your bottom line?henry evans book.jpg

I tell you what, I will even sweeten the pot and send you a recent interview that GKIC did with Local Independent Advisor Henry Evans, who recently published a book titled the 1 Hour Entrepreneur – How to Create Your Ideal Lifestyle in Just One Hour a Day -  that he wrote after learning these secrets of extreme productivity from working with me.

And I believe that you will be enjoying more time and more money than ever before that I am willing to make this iron clad guarantee….

guarantee.png100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

Oh, and you’re also backed up by my 365-Day Money Back Guarantee too.  So you have absolutely nothing to lose.  If you’re not satisfied, call the GKIC Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 and we’ll refund every penny.   No questions asked, no hassle.  And we’ll still remain friends.

So don’t let your healthy skepticism work against you.  I’ve taken away all the risk.  I’ve presented you with an irresistible offer!

Either you get your full money back or you become more productive and more profitable.  You’ve got nothing to lose!

It’s Time To Make Your Choice

If you are serious about becoming extremely productive, you won’t pass up this opportunity to get your hands on my “Extreme Productivity Blueprint”. 

Get My Extreme Productivity Blueprint
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Just $97!!!

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The only life worth living, is a life on your own terms.


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Dan Kennedy

PS – Lack of Time is the number one complaint of most people… isn’t time you learned how to be more productive with the time you have?  The Extreme Productivity Blueprint is your shortcut to getting more done in 2 hours than most people get done in 2 days.  Add this resource to your arsenal TODAY for only $197 $97 (through midnight Monday!)

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