This is 30 years in the making…but now for the first time EVER, you’ll get to….


“Discover My #1 Copywriting
Secret Most Marketers Will NEVER
Know That Has Allowed Me To Keep
Customers For DECADES… 

….And How YOU Can Use This
Drop-Dead Easy Principle To KEEP
Your Customers Begging For More!”


These Copywriting Secrets Go Way Beyond “Pretty Headlines”,
“Killer Openers”, And “Awesome Closes”.   This Is Stuff You MUST
HAVE If You Want A Long-Term Sustainable Businesses!

Seriously, This Is Like Forming A 12-Foot Barb-Wire Security Fence
Around Your Customers Where NO Competitor Can Reach Them…So
They Can Give You Money Over And Over Again!


Dear Renegade Marketer,

If you’re looking to discover how to get your customers to give you money over and over again

…then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

Because I’m going to reveal the untold specific strategies for KEEPING a customer for YEARS to come…and transforming them into your raving fans. 


Imagine this:  Being able to send out 1 email and have a flood of orders crash into your bank account…

Or not having to worry about where your business is going to be 5…10…15 years from now…and KNOW your customers are going to stick with you.

That’s what my top clients and I have been enjoying for years.  That’s because we’ve been employing a CRITICAL copywriting concept you won’t find in hardly ANY course out there. 


This Is The “Secret Sauce”
To Keeping Customers For LIFE!


Here’s the deal: you’d be hard-pressed to find any other business or “guru” whose customers have “hung around” as long as mine.

Most customers in other businesses get “tired” after 1-2 years…and then move on to the next business
or “guru” …

…Whereas I’ve had customers who have spent $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, even $100,000 with me…some over a span of 15+ years!  

If you go to any SuperConference, InfoSummit, or any of my local events in Cleveland, you’ll find “lifers” who have been with me for a LONG time.

Now I don’t say this to brag.  I just mention this because…well…I know a thing or 2 about getting and retaining customers.

And I know for DARN sure that….


Retaining Long-Term Customers For
Many Years Has Absolutely NOTHING To Do With
Product/Service Quality!


Listen: if I were just to rely on the quality of my content that I present seminars, the GKIC newsletter, and my products…then I’d be lucky to keep a customer for 1-2 years.

It’s not that my material stinks.  Far from it.  

The REAL reason I have had loyal customers buy from me again and again is because I implement one BIG DARN secret in my business that 99% of business either ignore…or are totally ignorant about…

…and that’s the fact that I make sure marketing is PERSONALITY-Driven!

You see, most of my customers…perhaps you too…can rattle off 5-6 things about me off the top of my head.

Perhaps you might know I own racehorses.  Or a hate it when people talk on their cellphones in public.  OR that I have a No B.S. “tell-it-like-it-is” style that can be downright offensive to people.

Well, there’s a darn GOOD reason why you know this.   That’s because I made sure you knew this about me in my marketing, my SuperConferences, and my arsenal of 13 “NO B.S.” Books.

Listen up: the worst thing you can do is be “Vanilla” in your business.  You know, just be a regular “John” or Jane Doe” who just sells a widget…

…and expect customers to come back over and over again because of great service…or “amazing” content.  

You’ve gotta show you personality!  Otherwise, you’re just another “ho-hum” marketer who doesn’t stand out…and your customers will go elsewhere when they get bored with you.


Your HERD Is The Most Important
Asset You’ll Have…And This Is How You
Round ‘Em Up And Keep ‘Em!


Now some people bristle when I compare customers to cattle…as if it’s a demeaning term.  But in reality, it’s a very good analogy.

Think about it.  A herd of cattle usually roam in packs, and are usually held in with a fence to keep them contained.

Let the fence loose, and the cattle will scatter around the field until they’re off to greener pastures.  

Bad news!

This letter is all about creating…AND keeping a fence around your herd.  In other words, Customers who give you money over and over again…

…and would NEVER leave you…even if a competitor with better “material” or a better “service” comes along and threatens to steal your herd!  


The BIGGEST Mistake You Can Make As
A Renegade Business Owner (This is HUGE!):


I see this all the time.  People think their biggest and most valuable asset is their ebook, their “widget”, and their intellectual property.

Newsflash:  All that can be taken away from you faster then an EF5 tornado flattening a wooden shed.  

Patents can be copied, and someone else can come along and create a better “thing”.    

You absolutely NEED this if you want to be in business 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years from now.  And LONGER!

Otherwise, your customers will have a 1-3 year lifespan at best.   And you constantly have to keep working and working to get more CUSTOMERS into your pipeline.

And you know how it goes.   It’s getting harder and harder to get customers every day…and every year.

Advertising costs have gone up greatly in the past 5 years.  Customers are more fickle.  And each person has many options when it comes to whom to do business with.

But guess what?  There’s only one YOU.  And it is absolutely CRITICAL to implement personality-based marketing in your own business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re manufacturing buggy-whips, creating ebooks about underwater basket weaving, or helping men in the United States marry Russian brides.


“But Dan, My Business IS Different!!”


Baloney.  I get that over and over again.  

If your bottom line depends on attracting MORE customers or clients…and KEEPING them so they’ll do business with you over and over again…then this IS for you.

And last I checked, this covers 99.99% of businesses.   

So you simply cannot ignore this message and think you can just “get by” and listen to your peers in your industry and follow “how things are done around here”.

HUGE Mistake!  That’s like shooting yourself your left foot with a 9mm  before running a 100 meter race.   It’s going to be EXTREMELY painful…and hobble you the entire rest of the way!

In fact, personality in copy is SO important that I gave a 2-hour presentation on the subject.

And this time around I decided to do something a little different…and MUCH more advanced then the typical copywriting instruction:


This Ain’t About Writing “Sexy” Headlines,
Penetrating Bullets, And Killer Closes…Far From It!


This is an extremely advanced Internet marketing concept I’ve only shared with my personal 1-on-1 clients who pay me up to $100,000 for a sales letter.

It’s about how you communicate to your prospects and customers…so they’ll bond with you…and NEVER “bolt” for another marketer.

This can be done through postcards, newsletters, emails, articles, and direct mail….NOT just sales letters.

In other words, this is how you “Fence” in your herd.  What you do with them after they’ve bought from you and become a customer.  And how to communicate so they’ll KEEP buying from you….over and over again!

Think about it:  You’ve already spent TONS of time and money to GET that customer….

Why have that time and money get flushed down the toilet when they end up leaving “your world” for other marketer---leaving you to spend MORE money to replace them…

…So, by golly…you better do your darndest to KEEP them!

Now I simply wasn’t going to share this in a free report or newsletter.   I like to give value to people…don’t get me wrong…but I wanted people to have some “Skin in the game”…this time around.

So I decided to choose one of my expensive seminars to present what I’ve NEVER revealed before—at least NOT to the general public.

Here’s THE key to creating customers for life and earning a terrific income:


How To Create
Personality in Copy



The Untold Secret To Creating…And Keeping
Customers For Life With The Power Of Your Words!


How To Create Personality in Copy is your ultimate blueprint for creating…and keeping…customers so they’ll keep buying from you again and again.

Listen: It’s a LOT of work to get a customer.  I should know…after flying from city-to-city in cramped airplanes early in my speaking career…so I can get new customers.

And, in How To Create Personality In Copy, I outlined my foolproof blueprint to KEEPING those customers long-term…

...And when I say “long-term”…I mean 10, 15, even 20 years from now!

I share with you several of my best formulas and techniques regarding what to say to your customers in your copy, your emails, your postcards, your newsletter, and ANY other way you communicate your customers.


“Instantaneous 50% Increase In Response!”

Dan Kennedy’s presentation on How to Create Personality in Copy was a life-changing, business altering moment.

After listening to Dan I immediately implemented his suggestions. The results were phenomenal.

I saw an instantaneous 50% increase in the response to my newsletter. My relationship with my clients went from cool and distant to warm and familiar.

This translated directly into being more willing to do what I told them to do whether it’s taking steps to improve their business or buy more of my products. Plus, developing material is easy because I’m just talking about things that have happened to me.


Dave Dickson,
Numbercruncherz Consulting Group, Inc
Clearwater, FL


Fair Warning:  This is NOT a “how to write copy” course.  I don’t go into how to write a perfect opening…nor do cover how to write mouth-watering bullets.

So if you’re looking for this, then I suggest you check out my other courses that go into the “nuts and bolts” of copy.

This is an ADVANCED course on how to bond with your customer that goes BEYOND pretty headlines with power words, and subheads that grab your attention.

This is THE secret having a lasting business that sustains itself over time.  And not a “run of the mill” operation where you’ll be out of business in 2-3 years after your customer vanish like a David Copperfield magic trick.

You’ll get the entire 2-hour audio…accompanied by the transcripts…AND all my presentation slides.   It just as if you were there…LIVE…watching me go through these business-enhancing tips!  


Here’s Just SOME Of The Client
And Customer-Sticking Strategies I Cover:


  • The way you should REALLY think of your information business—this will put you head of 99% of your competitors…and the #1 reason I’m still “alive and kicking” after all these years! (23:20)


  • The 4 different types of stories you should use about yourself to get prospects and customers to BOND with you and trust you—and as you know, the more they’ll like you, the more often they’ll buy!  (31:30)


  • 12 examples of “personality in copy from every industry…from mortgage brokers, real estate…even radio (You should be able to fit in at least ONE of these!)  (52:34)


  • The 2 things you need to do in order to communicate with your audience (HINT: it’s not just “teach” free stuff…forget about that!)  (56:32)


  • What you can learn from Oprah when it comes to having herd of fans that follow everything you say over and over again--follow this example, and you’re all set! (59:32)


  • Why it’s important to REPEL customers…and ATTRACT them at the same time.  You could literally save yourself a LOT of heartache and despair if you do this!  (62:24)


  • The way you need to write if you want to attract customers—and KEEP them like a magnet attracts iron filings! (68:34)


  • The secret of “character-crafting” and how this makes you the “guru”  in your prospect’s minds (this is THE key to making your customers look forward to all your messages!)  (71:34)


  • How to write your copy so you reveal your backstory in 4-5 sentences (this is the secret for telling a story WITHOUT taking 23 pages to do it!)  (72:45)


  • Why perfectionism can HURT you in your business (Dumb marketers don’t do this—and it can ruin your chances of having a sustainable, long-lasting business!). (80:34)


  • How you can take everyday stories and make them useful in your market.  This is the key to making your customer bond with you—and stick out in their minds.  (89:23)


  • How I used the power of the parable to create ideas that stick in your customer’s minds (this is the key to gaining influence in your market…AND your customers!) (91:62)


  • 4 techniques you use to write copy so your customers and clients will bond with you (Don’t worry, this isn’t like writing like Stephen King…or Ernest Hemingingway…it’s actually pretty easy!).  (95:43)


  • …and a whole LOT more!


“Membership Drop Is 20%
Less, And My Prices Are Higher!”

When I discovered Dan Kennedy he created a memorable experience that not only could I not forget but even though that was 12 years ago my wife still remembered and she is not normally impressed with informational speakers.

When Dan did his presentation on How to Create Personality in Copy I realized many of the key steps in building deeper and stronger relationships with my clients.

Membership drop is 20% less and my prices are higher and folks are thrilled just to be part of what we are accomplishing.


Mike Crow
Millionaire Inspector Community
North Richland Hills, TX


It’s Like Being Able To Cherry-Pick Your Ideal
Customers And Clients…And Forgetting The “Duds”


Now I mentioned before that I usually implement these strategies with every single private client.  This is seriously the “Bread and Butter” of their ENTIRE business…and I charge them a premium to do it…

…especially since this is WAY more important then the “widget” or “service” they provide.

Price I charge?  It can be $25,000 to $100,000 and MORE.  Almost a house payment or brand-new car.

But you know what?  They usually make that investment back in no time.  Why?  Because they were able to BOOST their customer value so that they’re making more money.

In other words, they were able to grow…and maintain…their herd.   And keep that herd fenced in so they won’t drift anywhere else!


“Readership Has Jumped, And
So Has Our Waiting List!”

Simply put, if your business relies on customers – and what business doesn’t — the secrets Dan reveals in this presentation on How to Create Personality in Copy are essential.

They will make your job of retaining and building life-long customer relationships easier, more profitable and surprisingly much more fun.

If you try to add character to your communications without knowing the essential details, you risk sending your valuable hard won customers running straight toward your competitors.

Since beginning to use what we learned, our readership (and positive comments) has jumped, and so has the waiting list for our programs.

Rob Berkley
West Tisbury, MA

So you can imagine that How To Create Personality in Copy could be worth at least $1000.  Especially since you could easily get that money back in no time---making that $1000 irrelevant. 

But, guess what?  You don’t have to pay $1000.  

You don’t even have to pay $750 or $500.

When you take action and click on the Add To Cart button below, I’ll ship you How To Create Personality in Copy for only $397 OR 2 payments of $199!!!

That’s a pretty DARN good bargain since I’m basically opening the curtain and show you how I implement personality in copy in MY business—and all my clients who pay me big money to do it for them.

And like I said before, you could easily make that money back in 1 week, 3 weeks, or a month in customer retention.   And having a customer that keeps buying from you over and over again is the most important asset you have!


Aren’t Sure…Or Are Skeptical?
Then Try Out “How To Create Personality
In Copy” On My Dime!


Here’s the deal: the principles taught in How To Create Personality In Copy are SO important, I’m going to let you check it out and implement it into your business for a FULL 12 months.

If you don’t see a boost in your lifetime customer value, customer retention, and overall profits, then call our customer support line at 1-800-871-0147 and request an immediate refund.

No worries. No hassles. You profit from this course or you don’t have to pay.  It’s as simple as that.

But if you’re like people on this page who have gladly left testimonials…and who’ve benefited immediately from How To Create Personality in Copy, then I know this one’s going to be a keeper for you.

That mean you can try this course on my dime.  No hassles, and no fuss.


So Are You Just Going To Settle For
Blah” Copy---Or Copy That Forms An Immediate
BOND With Your Customer Or Client?


There’s nothing shady or slick about this.  People buy from whom the trust.  Pure and simple.

If your best friend came over to sell you some Girl Scout cookies, you’ll be more than likely to buy them…since you’ve already formulated a BOND with them.

…Versus the unkempt neighbor you have who hasn’t taken a shower in a week and probably runs a drug lab in her home.

The same goes in your business.  Implementing your personality in copy is the #1 thing you can do as soon as today to start building a fence around your herd.

…and repel the customers you don’t want to deal with.

Believe me, life is MUCH better when you’re dealing with customers and clients you ENJOY working with. 

You look forward to getting up early in the morning---and, before you know it, it’s dinnertime and you’re having so much FUN during the day that time seems to fly by.  

…Versus dreading crawling out of bed in order to deal with “dud” customers and clients who want to nickel-and-dime you…making your business frustrating like a one-legged man trying to kick himself!


“The Response Has Been Overwhelming!”

How to Create Personality in Copy ranks either #1 or #2 as far as influence on me and my business.

We’ve all been taught hundreds of proven strategies to go out and get ourselves a “herd.” But, the bottom line is that once you do, you can only keep customers coming back with your ‘content’ for so long.

What keeps them around giving you money for decades is a never-ending interest in you as a ‘character’ that they feel compelled to continuously know what’s going on (like a lead character in a series fiction novel).

I’ve now completely changed the way I communicate with my members, and the response has been overwhelming.”

Jack Phelps
The Relaxing Retirement Group, Inc.
Wellesley, MA

I implement this every day with my clients
…and in every single issue of the GKIC Newsletter.  Everything I do to attract more customers…and get them to give me money over and over again is carefully orchestrated.

And I’m revealing everything to you in this foolproof blueprint right here…right now.  Because I KNOW you will summon a tsunami of profits for your business—and set yourself up for long-term sustainability for years to come…

…like I have for my OWN business!

So now it’s time to get an unfair advantage over your competitors who don’t know these secrets…

…you know, where the chances of keeping customers long-term is like going to Vegas and betting on red or black.

You’re better than that. So claim your copy of Personality in Copy…right here…right now…by filling out the order form below…


 Yes Dan! I Want To Discover How To Implement
Personality In Copy In My Business And
KEEP My Customers For Life!

  • I realize that, when I take action on what you teach in this course, I’ll be able to turn my customers into my raving fans who’ll give me money over and over again…at will!
  • I also know you’re unveiling these copywriting and marketing secrets for the first time EVER—after 30 years in the info-marketing business.  So this is RARE material that could put my business over the top!
  • I also know that I have a full YEAR to use How To Create Personality in Copy—and witness the jolt in profits I’ll experience as a result.  And I know I can always return it for a FULL REFUND for any reason at all!
  • ….So with all this in mind…I’m IN!  Please ship me my copy of How To Create Personality In Copy so I can start communicating with my customers in a way they’ll bond with me…and keep giving me money!


Dan Kennedy’s “Personality In Copy”


ONLY $397
NOW JUST 2 Investments
of $199!!!


When you take action on this, it can literally change your business!


Dan's signature_Black.jpg

Dan S. Kennedy

P.S.  One more thingyou don’t have to be a great copywriter to implement these principles.   You can start implementing personality in your copy through newsletters, articles, and emails.  In other words, this isn’t like grade school where you have to pass 2nd grade to get to 3rd.  You can totally leapfrog 5-6 grades like most of my Renegade Millionaires do—so claim your copy right now!

P.P.S.  Fair Warning.  You can try to “go at it alone” and do this yourself.  But I have 30 years of info-marketing experience under my belt and KNOW there’s a certain formula…or “way”…you have to do this.   Because if you screw this up, you could totally REPEL customers…leaving you at square one.  Not good!  So do yourself a favor: get Personality In Copy today! 

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