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Dear Renegade Marketer,

If you’ve been around the GKIC family for any length of time, you’ve been familiar, comfortable, and conversant with the “language” and the “culture” of our unique “tribe.”

You’ve proven yourself to be one of us – a forward thinking, progressive, assertive entrepreneur utilizing GKIC-style direct response marketing—and I want to reward you for your commitment to yourself and your business.

At this point you should have separated yourself from the “dreamers” and “do-nothings” that make excuses.  You are serious about your SUCCESS.  You’ve transitioned from reading and listening to learning and ACTION. 

You’ve no doubt experienced profound breakthroughs in the way you think about your business and marketing your business.  You’re a lot like our most successful Members.   The only question I have is this:

 Why Aren’t You A DIAMOND Luxury Member?

You see, I always say that the biggest difference between an average income and Financial Freedom is IMPLEMENTATION.  But there’s another thing that skyrockets certain people up the ladder of success…access to the best and brightest minds in the field.

And if you haven’t reached the top of the ladder, or if you know you can do better, that could be what you’re missing!

 How Michael Phelps And Peyton Manning
Differ From The “Regular” Athlete:

Listen: Michael Phelps didn’t read books on learning how to swim or just watch videos on how to do the butterfly.  He invests heavily in direct access to the best coaches on the planet. 

In other words, he didn’t become the most decorated Olympian ever by reading books and watching courses.  He had a group of coaches who helped him rake in 19 gold medals over 8 years—a feat that may NEVER be repeated.

Same goes for Peyton Manning.  He’s notorious for spending hours upon hours watching game film—studying opposing defenses.  But he also has a multitude of coaches that molded him into a Super Bowl winning quarterback and an eventual Hall Of Famer.

You see, their success (and wealth) is not lucky or random. What separates them from the rest is their willingness to invest in themselves and more specifically their investment in access to the sharpest minds and top experts in their fields.

If you want the same results, shouldn't you do the same?

You see, it's often said: "You reap what you sow." In other words everything that you achieve (or fail to achieve) is due to your actions (or lack of action).

I've just given you two real-life examples and there are countless others...especially among our DIAMOND Luxury members.

Now this is going to sound a little like bragging, but as they say "It ain't braggin' if it's true":

 I’m One Of The Most Successful People On The Planet
When It Comes To Direct Response Marketing!

You see, I’m one of the most sought after, in-demand, and highly paid marketing strategists out there.  It's because I deliver FAST, PHENOMENAL results.

I’ve personally built several multi-million dollar businesses and, along with GKIC, have guided countless others to success and Financial Freedom beyond their wildest dreams.

Last year, my private clients generated over $500-million from marketing I had a hand in. They did more business than that, but I’m only taking credit for what I contributed to.

And almost all of them had immense sales and profit increases, year over year. Some did it with brand new business start-ups--leaping from zero to millions.  The only question I have for you is this: Will you be next?

 Now It Could Be My Fault You’re
Not Already A DIAMOND Luxury Member!

Maybe I've failed to specifically and directly invite you--to fully explain the privileges and information reserved exclusively for DIAMOND Luxury Members---and to REALLY push you about this.

If so, it may be MY fault you've been missing out for the past several months.

Or it's possible you haven't joined because you just became aware of all of the benefits of this higher level of GKIC Membership--including monthly direct access to me. If that's the case, I can fix that right now with this letter.

If there is one thing that is absolutely, abundantly, inarguably clear about our Members who keep breaking their own records, topping their own incomes, hitting one new peak after another, it's that they invest heavily in acquiring and using EVERYTHING we make available - especially to DIAMOND Luxury Members.

There's a long, long list of these folks who've increased their year to year incomes by $100,000.00, $200,000.00, $300,000.00...started new or add-on businesses they love...and cut their work hours by 1/3rd while multiplying their incomes.

 “I Can Credit 2.8 Million Dollars
To My DIAMOND Luxury Membership!”

"DIAMOND Luxury has been the best business decision I've ever made! The 'onslaught' of ideas and information has completely transformed my mentality about my business. This critical shift in mentality just would not have been possible without the continuous reinforcement of calls, CDs, special DIAMOND Luxury newsletters and faxes that are more "strategic thinking" oriented than "tactical method" oriented. I can specifically attribute the $2.8 million extension of our core business this year to ONE idea that I received from the DIAMOND Luxury Hot Sheet. I look forward to where it will lead in the coming years."

Jeff Walz, Brooksville, FL

You see, if you ask for a show of hands at an event of 'made-by-GKIC Marketing Millionaires' and of DIAMOND Luxury Members, you'll see the same hands.  It's just NOT coincidence that they are the ones "in the front row" of everything we do.  That’s because they realize:

DIAMOND LUXURY Membership Does
NOT "Cost".... At All, It Is An Investment!

Maybe you haven't joined because you feel you're already getting more information than you can put to use. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s a sad excuse to stay in the minor leagues.

It probably means you're wasting too much time doing stuff that's a ‘3’ or ‘4’ on a ‘1 to 10’ opportunity scale. Actually THE best reason TO step up to DIAMOND Luxury is so you can create time and productivity and money breakthroughs that have eluded you up to this point in your wealth-building career.  

Furthermore, nowhere else do we laser-focus on the highest value “practical and actionable” info in such concise form--as you’ll read about in a second.

Well, whatever the reason you've been missing out, I'd like to fix this mistake right now and send you 2 fast-action bonuses if you take me up on this offer to upgrade to DIAMOND Luxury by January 15th, 2014.

(Plus, you'll actually get to network with the 'Best of the Best' GKIC™ Members in this 'exclusive' you will soon see!)

 BIG Benefit #1: Get Members-Only Access To A Monthly DIAMOND LUXURY Tele-Coaching Call With Me…
Along With LIVE Q & A!

(Worth $297/Month)!

Each month, I get on a special LIVE DIAMOND Luxury tele-coaching call for a full 90 minutes…which includes a FULL opportunity for Q & A with me that’ll feature one of the following:


  • A PUBLISHED expert that will teach you more about marketing, selling and business. Past interviewers include one of my heroes, Robert Ringer, as well as Brian Tracy, Susan Berkley, and Robert Victor Hansen.  All of these experts have been personally vetted by me, and I make sure they “spill the goods” for each call.
  • Advanced “What’s Working Now” strategies from top entrepreneurs and marketers from within the GKIC Platinum and Titanium Info-MASTERMIND groups, and my private clients.  This is where the money’s at…as we go into specific, actionable marketing strategies you won’t find anywhere else.  Most people keep this stuff “hush-hush”…but, as a DIAMOND Luxury member, you’ll be come a “fly on the wall” and become privy to some of the most potent marketing strategies you can implement right away!
  • Interview with GKIC SUPERSTAR’S who are making Breakthrough profits with their business. Other calls you’ve been missing out on include the breakthrough secrets Walter Bergeron, Dr. Donna Galante, Dr. Rick Schaefer, and John Rinaldi are using to kick ass and take names in their respective businesses—to the point that each of them were named GKIC Marketer of the Year finalists at the 2012 GKIC SuperConferenceSM (Best part: Walter ended up winning the Marketer of the Year title and sold his business for an enormous amount—allowing him to spend time with him family and giving him the option to never work again if he chooses!)
  • My Special “Open Topic” call where I go without a net and take as many questions as possible.  This is where you can quiz me on ANY aspect of marketing. This is NOT available anywhere else…and I only do this for DIAMOND Luxury members.  In fact, I previously shared my innermost direct mail secrets most companies will NEVER know that could lead to a huge profit windfall in your business. Nowhere else will you get a chance to ask me specific, probative questions that’ll allow you to be more successful in your business!

Every DIAMOND Lux Call Includes Opportunity For Q & A With Me Our Special Guest…EXCLUSIVE ACCESS No Other Members Get…Every Single Month!

Of course, you’ll also get an get an Audio CD and transcript of every call, to listen to again, as a back-up in case you missed the call (although you'd be crazy to), and file for future reference...building a unique and exclusive 'Success Library' not available to the public and other GKIC GOLD members.  

As a new benefit for our DIAMOND Luxury members, we will begin posting not only the call to the DIAMOND Luxury members site, but a transcript of the call (for those that enjoy reading) and we also mail a copy of the transcript with your CD each month! 

BIG Benefit #2: DIAMOND LUX Member ONLY FREE Semi-Annual Networking Event
(Worth $1997)

Yes, you read this right!  Twice a year in conjunction with the SuperConferenceSM and Info-SUMMITSM we get together as a group. I will be there...AND hopefully you will too!

You see, DIAMnetworking.jpgOND Luxury Members are the best, brightest, and most successful small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals on the Planet. This is your chance to meet them…make deals and create lucrative joint ventures with them. This is your chance to learn what they are doing successfully and copy their model.

At the risk of sounding COCKY…what would a day of networking with other DIAMOND Luxury Members and 'live' access to me be worth to you?  Not to mention the opportunity to meet and rub elbows with the other 'Best of the Best' GKIC Members?

 BIG Benefit #3:  A 4-Page Monthly Newsletter Dedicated To Teaching You How To Make More Money ONLINE.  
(Worth $97/Month)!

Each month you'll receive the DIAMOND Luxury 4-page newsletter dedicated solely to making MORE money Online.

Each month you'll learn things like:
no bs internet profits newsletter image.jpg

  • How to make your website more EFFECTIVE at producing MAXIMUM Profits…
  • How to INCREASE traffic to your site (search engines, pay-per-click, and MORE)..
  • How to increase the number of sales you get with the visitors you already have…
  • Effective E-mail Promotions (Tested and Proven Strategies for getting emails delivered, opened, and read)
  • New & Innovative Techniques as SOON as they're discovered…
  • ADVANCED Sure-Fire strategies that the best marketers use – in EVERY business…

You’ll also get a chance to have your website critiqued by one of our GKIC experts and published in the DIAMOND newsletter so you can learn and implement!

Big Benefit #4:  The DIAMOND Luxury “Members Only”
Content-Rich Membership Site
(Worth $197/Month)!

diamond lux newsletter image.jpgIn addition to the 4-page Internet Marketing monthly newsletter, you’ll also find terrific benefits at the ‘Members Only’ Membership Site including:

The Dan Kennedy BLOG:  I regularly update the posting to the blog to keep you up-to-date on NEW discoveries and what’s going on at GKIC. 

Access To 6 Months Of Previous DIAMOND Calls: Each and every month, we post all the DIAMOND calls and transcripts in the special Membership site for you to get instant access to online. That means when you join you can easily ‘catch up’ on what you’ve been missing out on…and what other DIAMOND Luxury members have been profiting from!

Big Benefit #5: The DIAMOND Luxury 4-Page
Hot-Sheet Containing My “Higher-Level” Strategies
(Worth $197/Month)!

Included in your monthly NO B.S. Marketing Gold CD mailing, you will also receive a special DIAMOND Luxury 4-page insert where a specific "higher level" marketing strategy is revealed and when appropriate, illustrated.

Here are a couple of examples of previous Hot Sheets you've missed...

  • The Secret Rule Of The Wealthy
  • Re-Capturing Lost Customers
  • Advanced Pricing Strategies To Instantly Boost Profits
  • Secrets Of 'Sub-Culture Marketing'
  • Macro & Micro: How To Create Sales & Profit Breakthroughs
  • Uncreative Thoughts About Creativity
  • Bless The Irrational Consumer
  • Secrets Of Increasing Readership Reluctantly Revealed
  • Dan's Four Gold Rings Of Wealth Through Entrepreneurship
  • How to Ride The Current And Coming Waves Of Wealth - Even If Others Experience 'Recession'

 Big Benefit #6: Get My
‘Marketing To The Affluent’ Newsletter

(Worth $197/Month)!

Each 8-Page Issue contains news, commentary, resources, how-to strategies, examples, often a 'Big Lesson' and/or case history and/or a 'Field Trip Of The Month.' On how to market to the affluent.

It pulls together my accumulated and on-going, current and expensive research into trends involving boomers and AFFLUENT boomers, AFFLUENT mid-life divorcees and "cougars", AFFLUENT families, the new "mass-AFFLUENT" (2/3rds of the middle class moving up), ultra-AFFLUENTs all the way into the Forbes 400, AFFLUENT entrepreneurs and business owners, AFFLUENT niches and a matrix of special target markets, converging demographic trends, especially lucrative opportunities.

 Big Benefit #7: Get A Weekly Personal Fax From Me
(Worth $47/Month)!

Every week, you will receive a FAX (or if you prefer, email) of one or two important ideas, reminders, tips, and nag, nudge, provoke and motivate you.

I have heard how valuable these are from nearly every DIAMOND Luxury member…who wait with unabated breath for each fax to hit their fax machine every week!

Best part: every single fax is concise—it will only take you 5 minutes to read each one.  But that 5 minutes per week could be all you need to attract more wealth and abundance in your life!

 BIG Benefit #8: “At Least” 50% Discount
To GKIC National Events

(Worth “At Least” $1000)!

superconference image.jpgIt should be no surprise to you that our National Events (The SuperConferenceSM & Info-SUMMITSM) are loaded with DIAMOND Luxury Members.   It’s a no-brainer for them to come because they can save up to $1000 for registration—depending on how early they registered!

As you’ll see very soon, you could easily make up the cost of your DIAMOND Luxury membership thanks to the discounts you’ll get when you attend SuperConferenceSM & Info-SUMMITSM.  It’s an investment that’s designed for you to get your money back in no time…so if you already attend or plan on attending GKIC events this alone pays for the upgrade!

 BIG Benefit #9: Access To The
DIAMOND Luxury Member Lounge
(Worth $497)!

At each of the GKIC National events, you also get exclusive access to the DIAMOND Luxury Member Lounge where you can hang out with other DIAMOND Luxury Members, grab a quick refreshment, or just relax.

I routinely drop in to 'meet & greet' as well, along with the other speakers and participants at each seminar.  We keep the Lounge stocked with all kinds of goodies and caffeinated beverages—which will keep you going throughout the seminar!

 BIG Benefit #10: Hang Out With “Hard-To-Get-To” Celebrities At The GKIC Info-SUMMITSM
and SuperConferenceSM

As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, this ALONE is worth the DIAMOND Luxury Membership!  We have a celebrity speak at our annual SuperConferenceSM and Info-SUMMITSM every year---and we allow ONLY DIAMOND Luxury members the chance to get their photos taken with them as an added benefit to their membership.

Now think about this: imagine if you tried to do this on your own.  To go out and  1) meet a celebrity, 2) get them to take your photo with you and 3) get their permission to use it in ALL your marketing?

Believe me, you probably have a better chance to get struck by lightening!

At GKIC, we’ve had more celebrities at our events than any other info-marketing, publishing, or training company…period.   In fact, we’ve spent about a million dollars on celebrities so far.

Past celebrities that have attended our events include Kathy Ireland, Ivanka Trump, Joan Rivers, Gene Simmons of KISS, George Foreman, country singer John Rich, Adam West (the Original Batman) and Barbara Corcoran From ABC’s “Shark Tank”.  Here are some of our DIAMOND members and their Celebrity photos:

celeb pictures.jpg

So this is your once in a lifetime chance to “rent a celebrity” you can use in your marketing. And it’s only for DIAMOND Luxury members…so join right now! 

 Oh Don’t Worry, If You're A Gold Member You’ll Still Keep Receiving ALL The Benefits Of Your Gold Membership!

To be clear, here're the other benefits you'll receive when you join DIAMOND Luxury:Gold Membership.jpg

  • The monthly No B.S. Marketing Letter
  • The monthly Gold Audio CD
  • The monthly Gold Hotsheet

…so no worries there!

 So How Much Is It Worth To You To Climb The
Ladder Toward Elite Status Among GKIC Members?

As you know, I work with top Consultants, Coaches and Advisors in over 67 different niche industries and professions, on a very hands-on basis.

I am these Coaches' Coach.

Consequently, I am fully familiar with what's included in their tele-coaching programs, and what they charge for them. It is ALWAYS our intent to deliver "more for less" to our own Members at every opportunity.

In this instance, we are doing exactly that. It is very common for tele-coaching programs to cost $500.00 to $1,000.00 per month or even more. However, the fee for upgrading to DIAMOND Luxury is only $200 more per month then you’re already paying for your GOLD membership ($259.94 per month total).

Listen: if you were to add up the value of what I’m sending you every month…along with personal Q and A with me not available anywhere else… it would add up to over $1032/month…if I were to send you these items separately.

And if you were to add up the twice/year networking event, discounts to our events, and the once in a lifetime chance to get a photo opportunity with a celebrity at one of our national events, the value runs at least in the THOUSANDS.

So you’re getting a heckuvalot more every month that goes way beyond what you’re already getting as a GOLD member.

And you could easily get that money back when we slash at least 50% off your SuperConferenceSM and Info-SUMMITTM registration each and every year. Depending on when you register, registration is $2,997 per head for non-members so becoming a DIAMOND Member right now could save you up to $2,000 and more for each event…

…so you’re practically becoming a DIAMOND Luxury member for free when you run the numbers!

And since I’m throwing a years’ worth of the Marketing to the Affluent letter and my venerable “12 Low-Cost And No Cost Ways To Expand Your Bottom Line Profits By Tapping Into The Power Of Celebrity Marketing” report you’ll get immediate access to when you join before January 15th  2014…

 Just 1 or 2 Extra Customers, Clients, And Patients You’ll Attract From Your DIAMOND Luxury Membership Could Pay For Your Membership – And MORE!

I suppose I should point out, just ONE really good idea, strategy, improvement or kick-in-the-butt you get from all this can easily provide more added income in your business than the whole year's investment.

Michael Walters just told me, and others on a call, about a 3-minute conversation he had with me 3 years ago that put 1.2-Million in his pocket the first year…and over THREE MILLION DOLLARS to-date.

May I say, his is not an unusual experience. So if you don't get a HUGE return on your small investment in DIAMOND Luxury, it'll be your fault, not mine.  And frankly, if you even think twice about joining us, you're just not really serious about optimizing your income and success.

In many businesses, only ONE or just a few good new customers you wouldn't get otherwise recoups the entire year's investment. Membership is, of course, tax deductible too for most business owners; so some portion of this is paid with dollars you'd otherwise have to fork over to the IRS.

Anyway, I'm sure you agree that the DIAMOND Luxury monthly investment is trivial in comparison to all the value being delivered. And it is THE ONLY WAY to get access to the ADVANCED Strategies that I am assembling, along with direct access to me via our monthly Q and A calls.

 Let Me Review What You’ll Get When You
  Become a DIAMOND Luxury Member Today…And What You’ll MISS OUT ON If You Don't Do Anything!

No BS Marketing Letter

Gold Audio CD

4 Page Gold Hotsheet

Live Monthly Tele-Coaching Call With Dan Kennedy

DIAMOND Luxury Member ONLY FREE Semi-Annual NETWORKING Event

DIAMOND Luxury “Members Only” Content-Rich Membership Site

4-page No BS Internet Profits Report

Marketing to the Affluent Newsletter

The DIAMOND LUX Member 4-Page Hot Sheet

The DIAMOND LUX Weekly Fax

Access To The DIAMOND LUX Member Lounge

"At Least" a 50% DISCOUNT To GKIC National Events

Meet ‘n Greet/Photo Opportunity With Celebrity Speaker At Our National Events

“12 Low-Cost And No Cost Ways To Expand Your Bottom Line Profits By Tapping Into The Power Of Celebrity Marketing” Special ReportMarketing To The Affluent Course

Why You Just Can’t Refuse My Invitation
To Step Up To The Big Leagues To Enter Our Most ADVANCED And Elite Insider’s Circle!

Look, if you make (only) $100,000.00 a year, you need a measly 3% increase in your income to recoup the entire investment for you DIAMOND Luxury membership.

And this is the ONLY way you’ll get direct access to me…without plunking down $18,800 and UP to get my “say so”…as most of my Elite clients do.

You know me. You know just how big an impact I have on peoples' incomes. Is it possible for you to think that my delivery of my best and most advanced advice won't boost your income by 3%?!?!?

Clearly, you cannot afford to keep missing out on all this!

If you're ready to come off the porch and run with the Big Dogs, then DIAMOND Luxury is for you.

Now. All you have to do is fill out the enclosed order form and Join DIAMOND Luxury today!

Dedicated to Multiplying Your Income,
Dan's signature_Black.jpg
Dan S. Kennedy

P.S. One more thing, it’s important:  I may cap the number of DIAMOND Luxury members at some point in the future—as I can only give personal attention to a limited number of people before things start to get “diluted”. So now’s the time to take action and join the Elite today…while you still can!

P.P.S.  I also forgot to mention that you’ll also get 6 months of previous Q and A calls you can start listening to immediately as soon as you join DIAMOND Luxury.  This will keep you busy until the next LIVE call takes place.  So get started right now—fill out the order form below and invest!

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